Ticket Sales - REHMEYER'S HISTORIC 'HEX HOUSE' HAYRIDE TOUR at Nelson's Maize Field on Friday, October 18, 2013
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Date: Friday, October 18, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM

Nelson's Maize Field
13500 Ridge Road
Stewartstown, PA 17363
Map & Directions

Phone: (717) 244-0138
Email: historichexhouse@gmail.com
Website: http://nhwvfc.com
Tickets for this event are no longer available online.
Please check with the box office for more information.
7pm to 9pm

Come and see what most have not. One of York County, Pennsylvania's most historic locations located here in North Hopewell Township. The famous "Hex House" in Rehmeyer's Hollow. In 1928, Nelson D. Rehmeyer, a Pow-Wow doctor, was murdered because he was thought to have placed a curse on a young man, John H. Blymire. Blymire, a Pow-Wow doctor himself had, for years, been suffering from illness and bad luck. When he consulted another Pow-Wow doctor, Nellie Noll, the Witch of Marietta, Lancaster County, she told him he had come under a "Hex" of witch doctor Nelson D. Rehmeyer. Blymire decided to retaliate by breaking into Rehmeyer's home in search of a book of spells. Noll also informed Blymire that buring the book or burying a lock of Rehmeyer's hair would remove the "Hex".
     John Blymire recruited two juvenile boys to help with his crime, John Curry and Wilbert Hess. Upon arrival to his farm house, they encountered Rehmeyer himself. Blymire and his two young accomplices fought with 60 year old Nelson then murdered, mutilated, and then burned his body. The murder took place on November 22, 1928. They were unsuccessful in locating his copy of the "Witches Bible" the Long Lost Friend. So they set the house on fire to cover up the blooding crime scene. Blymire felt the hex lifted when Rehmeyer died. However the evidence of the crime was never destroyed because the house didn't burn.  few days later, the mailman saw Nelson's body on the floor inside the house. He immediately went to inform Alice, Nelson's wife of what he had seen. The horrific event was eventually reported to the state police and the FBI. Alice knew who had done this to Nelson. She informed the police that John Blymire and two young boys had visited her a few nights ago, looking for Nelson. The three accomplices were arrested and all charged with the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer.
     We have put together a couple scene story line of the events. The history of Nelson Rehmeyer's life. The events leading up to the murder of Nelson. The actual murder and a walk-through of the first floor in the "hex house" where this entire historic event took place. This includes a hayride to and from the house. There are a limited number of tickets available and this chance to get inside the house may never be available to the public again.
***Please contact us if you need any assistants relating to handicap accessibility.  This tour includes a short hayride with a tractor and wagon.  We will make every attempt to assist you, however the facility that is being used is of the 1800's era and the doorways are narrow.  If you are confined to a wheelchair and can't walk with assistants, this event may not be suitable for your needs.  We apoligize in advance.   NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL PERMITTED. Thank you, Event Committee.***

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